you have been drawn here for a reason


You are here because you are ready to try something radically different for radical results.  
I believe we all harness the power to become who we truly DESIRE to be, but sometimes we let our own self doubt, unworthiness and past shape who we are.

With my help through my unique tools i have developed over the years, you can unlock your true potential and have the relationship of YOUR dreams

Why you are here…

Im here to help you heal and become the best possible version of You so you can be happy.

Its time to eliminate the burnout, stress and overwhelming thoughts you have about men and step into the alignment of having unshakable, unwavering self confidence

I help women to tap into their feminine power and have the relationship they desire. 

So many women come to me looking for insight as to why they can’t attract a suitable partner or why they keep attracting the same types of men over and over again. Only to end in heartbreak.

If you have been searching for answers as to why you are feeling stuck and struggle to get the things you desire most, you have come to the right place.

Tired of attracting losers?

Does this sounds familiar? You are an attractive, high achiever at the top of your game with a good career and money to buy the things you desire. But you fail miserably at relationships and finding the right man!

Everyone around you is in a blissful soul mate relationship and you are left hanging high and dry after dating losers and giving them everything!

The more you try to “get a man” the more you will fail- this is because you are doing all the wrong things and attracting the wrong men.

You are in your “head” when it comes to men

High achieving women are often aggressive when it comes to relationships and men. If you have found yourself treating men in your relationships like employee’s or kids, it’s time to stop!

High Vibe Men do not need or like to be bossed and chased by women. In fact this is a complete turn off for him and an absolute passion killer when a woman chases a man!

You are the prize to be won, to be pursued and elevated- YOU are the Queen!

If you have ever been left feeling depleted and broken without answers after a relationship abruptly ends, i can help you fix this.

If you’ve been mothering a man in the hope he will change or commit to you, this rarely ends how you want.

My unique gifts and talents in this area have allowed me to help thousands of women just like you who are searching for their soul mate.

What i do isn’t just relationship coaching or a dating “how to”. My unique method has been perfected over many years of applied learning, specific energy healing techniques and transformational therapy to help women like yourself remove the blocks you have to love so you can have the relationship you desire.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was open to go wherever I needed to. Katie made me feel comfortable and skillfully took me to pivotal events that still had a hold on me. After my deep session, I felt lighter and more aware of what had been holding me back. Going forward, I am more confident about my purpose and gifts to share with the world. Thanks heaps Katie.”

Elizabeth, Sydney